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This Roso Leto gal came to us "RAGING hence the name Inferno" ready to be set loose aka be exercised. To date she has seen more than her fair share of sales floor display time as such now the mere act of bringing her to life has her barking and gasping for air as she goes through the process of clearing her throat with her ultimately settling into the wonderful staccato aka music of her 12 cylinders being heard as the 12 pistons are tossed around within her heart in such a way that it leaves no doubt that she is ready to have her legs stretched however before this will happen we need to methodically wrap all of her at risk painted areas so that during the process no damage is caused from debris along the way. Not only is she very low with a nose that will become akin to a small wing at speed but she also has orifices aka air inlet ducts at all corners that are large enough for a small person to crawl through as such we need to make certain that during the act of drawing copious amounts of air through them that the inevitable debris does not damage the surfaces.



Phase One



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