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BackWhite Lightning: Phase Four

Phase Four

We have this gal back with us so that we can fit and evaluate the new AP Racing big brake system as offered by Stillen prior to it being made available as a retail product. This particular gal was selected to participate in the evaluation program because she is known to be exercised as such the real time data collected and feed back is anxiously anticipated.
Here is the new AP Racing big brake system inspected and now ready to be integrated onto this gal.

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Here we are removing the OEM Brembo brake system; this particular system has proven to work extremely well as such the brake system as offered by AP Racing has an uphill battle during this evaluation process.

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Here is the rotor comparison between the aftermarket Ford Racing rotors when compared to the AP Racing rotors. They are both a floating rotor design however the AP Racing has in our opinion a better scooping/vein design when compared to the Brembo rotor as such they should dissipate heat much quicker resulting potentially in longer rotor and brake pad service life.

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Here we are integrating the AP Racing big brake system. Because a component of this process was to evaluate the integration processes, the associated hardware as furnished, and the instructions we anticipated a few challenges. As expected this was to be the case however each challenge was tended to and noted and then once the system was fully integrated this information was shared with AP Racing by way of Stillen thus insuring that once this system is available as a retail system it will be complete with all of the necessary and proper hardware as well as step by step instructions that will insure a successful integration for all that elect to take on this task.

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Here she is back resting on her own shoes ready to be exercised during which the next phase of the evaluation process will be tended to.

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Now that we have completed the integration processes during which we made numerous tweaks to the system as originally presented to us we can share that there is no doubt that the system looks nice, fits well, and mechanically operates and was successfully integrated as if OEM. Now as for whether the mechanical braking process is improved when compared to the smaller Brembo system will be determined by her owner as this phase of the project is better left to the person that exercises her on a regular basis.

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