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BackTestarossa: Phase Ten

Phase Ten

Now that we have brought her back to life and have completed a comprehensive systems check with no issues we will now complete the assembly of her interior and then tend to any remaining final details before we place her back on her tires so we can move her under her own power into the clean room for the next phase of this project.

Here her interior has been completely reassembled. During this process we also closed up the SJB box area during which we reinstalled the much needed vapor barrier.

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Here her wheels are have the proper torque applied as one of the final steps before we place her back on her tires.

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Now we are going to move her from the production area into the clean room so that the methodical and at times tedious process of preparing her surfaces and then wrapping them in protective plastic can be tended to.
Here are some of the many steps as associated with the wrapping of this gal with the protective plastic film. Initially we prepare the surfaces looking for minor paint blemishes that can be corrected and then using a combination of cleaners and clay bars her surfaces were cleaned and then we methodically wrapped her in a truly custom manner. Over the years we have created our own patterns that allow the protective plastic to be rolled over the edges whenever possible creating in the end nearly seamless results; so much so that most folks would not know unless told that she has been wrapped.

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Here she is after 2 days of carefully being tended to; now we allow the surfaces to all dry/cure for at least a full day and then we will complete a final inspection before we install her nose Roundel after which we will consider this phase of the project a wrap.

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