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BackTestarossa: Phase Eleven

Phase Eleven

The day for this gal to meet her owner; this after several months has arrived and as we observed during this act there was no doubt that it was a wonderful moment in time.

Here is the first time they have seen each other in many months and in our opinion the expression shared tells of a wonderful moment in time.

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Her owner flew in and then spent several days traveling with several other Ford GT owners during which all sorts of weather was experienced including rain as such once the event was over she needed a bath on an extreme level.
Here she is be washed and detailed after her eventful weekend. She came through the weekend of travels unscathed and is now ready for her long journey home. Now she will remain with us until the snow melts in her home town and then she will begin her long journey home.

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Here she is looking the 9's relaxing as she remains safe and warm until her day to travel home arrives.

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