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BackTestarossa: Phase Six

Phase Six

As we prepare to put her heart back into place the final detailing of her engine bay is being tended to.

Here we have sheathed and then integrated the previously installed custom air fuel gauge wiring harness as well as the new custom traction control harnesses.

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Now this gal's heart is being massaged by John and his team at AccuFab. During the time at AccuFab she is receiving a fresh pair of CNC ported heads that are then the ports and chambers are hand ported/finished thus creating a perfectly balanced and flowing pair of heads. During the many processes required new valve seats, hand fit bronze guides, Manley valves and keepers, Comp custom ground cams, Comp custom valve springs and retainers will be installed and then during the assembly process ARP 2000 head studs and new OEM head gaskets will be used after which the cams will be timed however this only after new race cam chains and ratchet style tensioners have been installed along with a new primary cam chain, a forged rather than OEM cast lower gear, and cast rather than plastic cam chain tensioner. The race cam chains and ratchet style tensioners reduce significantly the cam's ability to go out of phase during operation an issue that is typical of multiple cam motors.

While her heart was being tended to by John aka AccuFab it was evidenced that the small solo OEM harmonic balancer crank keyway had shifted meaning that the crank was showing signs of piling this being the act of the metal of the crank being pushed at the keyway as the result of the torque as such it was decided to remove the crank and double key the crank and also install a larger diameter non torque to yield bold to preclude this from continuing hence the harmonic balancer from spinning off the end of the crank or worse. It was also decided to lighten the rotating assembly giving an even crisper off idle throttle response and at the same time freeing up some of the parasitic lost horsepower. This was accomplished by installing a lighter ATI harmonic balancer and also reducing several pounds off of the OEM flywheel. As the result of our using the lighter ATI harmonic balancer John aka AccuFab also integrated his custom Race dry sump crank drive assembly.
Here are the fresh CNC ported heads being methodically tended to.

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Here the crank was removed and the tedious process of machining it to accept a second harmonic balancer keyway is being completed; this process included the machining of the lighter ATI harmonic balancer, the new forged lower cam gear, and the crank trigger and then the methodical process of reassembling her heart followed.

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Here her heart is receiving a final inspection and details tended to as it is being made ready for her journey back to our facility.

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Here her heart is back in our facility on a stand ready to be put methodically back into position.

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