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BackTestarossa: Phase Five

Phase Five

Now we are going to complete the integrating of D/A's custom traction control system within her engine bay. This requires that we unsheathe the OEM primary engine harness so that we add a couple additional wires and at the same time we need to make a change to the way that the OEM injectors and coils are brought on line.

Here we are removing the OEM sheathing giving us the ability to integrate additional wiring and also this gives us the needed access to the OEM power junction for the OEM injectors and the OEM coils. Once we have made the necessary modifications everything is returned to an OEM like condition.

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Here great care was taken to reinstall the OEM sheathing so that once completed it appears as if nothing was touched.

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Here we are integrating the only ground as associated with D/A's custom traction control system that is located within her engine bay. We connect this ground to the OEM chassis grounding point so as to insure a clean noise free ground.

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Now we will complete the routing of D/A's custom traction control system's custom wiring harness as located within her engine bay. We use the area below the degas tanks as the central point for both hardware and for the custom wiring harness connections because it is in close proximity to the PCM and injector controller module and because by design this area is both fairly well protected from the elements and also easy to access.
Here the final phase of integrating D/A's custom traction control system has been completed. The only items that remain is for us to plug in the customized upper steering shroud and snap it in place and then connect the dedicated fused power at the SJB and connect the grounds at the OEM battery ground location. The later will be completed once she is running strong with her massaged heart in place.

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Here the multi position knob has been installed and the launch control button can be seen. The integration creates a truly OEM appearing system.

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Here she is with the protective materials having been removed from her nose and wheels under her cover awaiting the next phase of the project.

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