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BackWhite Lightning: Phase Thirteen

Phase Thirteen

In-between rain clouds the day is here for this gal to be reunited with her family and to be exercised. With her new custom exhaust pieces and the custom personal touch items integrated she looks as stunning and she sounds wicked. In addition to her custom exhaust pieces and custom personal touch items we also prepared a set of track wheels for her that will be used for the first time in a few days.
Here are her track prepared wheels; these are the optional OEM BBS lightweight wheels. The wheels were stripped and then painted (dare we say) "Ferrari Scuderia Gold" with the same texture and finish as if an OEM offering by Dave and his team at Premier Motorsport. Dave and his team have worked with us on several projects always with great success and in this case they were the natural choice because his business specializes in Ferraris as such they tend to the repairing/repainting of wheels including the Scuderia gold color change option as offered for Ferrari wheels on a regular basis. In addition to the extreme detail work as completed on the wheels the OEM center caps were prepared and then painted using a silkscreen process for the lettering as the means to make certain that the wheels look absolutely stunning. Once the new coatings were applied and cured we then mounted and balanced the wheels with a fresh set of heat cycled Hoosiers.

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