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BackWhite Lightning: Phase Twelve

Phase Twelve

Now that we have completed everything except for the installation of the custom carbon fiber mirrors as well as a comprehensive mechanical inspection it is time to bring her to life and allow her to operate through a complete warm up cycle so that we can confirm that all systems are operating as designed and then we will allow her to cool completely after which we will complete a final mechanical inspection before we deem her ready to be exercised.
Now we are going to integrate the cool carbon fiber mirrors as created by Kip however prior to doing so we will be preparing and painting a significant portion of them as if OEM leaving only subtle carbon fiber accents visible. The goal was never to create a carbon fiber bulls-eye by rather have the carbon fiber accents adorn this gal as personal touch/detail items.
Here the custom carbon fiber mirrors as created by Kip have been prepared, painted, and fully integrated making this gal ready to be exercised once again. During this process al of the OEM hardware was migrated from the original OEM mirrors into the ne custom carbon fiber shells.

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