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BackTestarossa: Phase Two

Phase Two

It was at this point that the decision was to made to remove her heart and install a more aggressive set of cams. It is during this process that John aka AccuFab will work with us because in addition to installing alternate cams as created by John her heads will be fully massaged with them being initially CNC ported and then the ports will be hand finished, new valves and guides, and then when reassembled ARP 2000 head hardware will be used. In addition while she is a part ungraded cam chains and guides will be installed and her crank will be modified to accept a larger diameter bolt thus insuring that a future harmonic balancer failure is less likely.

Here the careful and methodical process of removing her transaxle is being tended to. We take great care to insure that no secondary damage is caused during this process.

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Here the arduous and at times messy process of the removing her heart is being completed. We are very careful so as to insure that once the processes are completed and her heart is back in place that it will "not" appear that it has ever been out. We use as much protective materials as needed throughout the processes to insure that no secondary damage is caused and then once everything is removed we promptly inspect, clean, bag and tag everything making the reassembly not only easier but even more so this process insures that the exact hardware removed is return to from where it came. It is also during the inspection and cleaning process that is anything is found to be worn or disheveled in appearance it is discarded and new a OEM replacement will be used. Once we had her heart out and the inspection process was completed we then sealed all of the openings so as to insure that no foreign material got within and then bagged and wrapped her heart as it was taken to John at AccuFab for him to perform his magic on the heads and crank.

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