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BackTestarossa: Phase Four

Phase Four

Now we will be completing the integration of the custom under the dash traction control wiring harness during which we will also be associating the custom wiring harness with the customized OEM steering shroud which will now be the control and information center for D/A's custom traction control system.

Here is the customized OEM steering shroud complete with the primary on the fly multi position traction control switch, the launch control activation button, and the bi-colored information led. We selected the steering shroud to integrate these features because the location affords the operator the best place to view and observe the system's operation and make adjustments in real time without the risk associated with looking/reaching elsewhere within the cabin. In addition to this the OEM steering shroud is used for more than just the Ford GT as such it is a typical parts bin item through Ford resulting in it being a very moderately price assembly.

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Here we have fully integrated the custom under the dash wiring harness including the lower portion of the customized OEM steering shroud. The upper portion will be plugged in and then snapped into position once the replacement and repaired gauges are back in position thus insuring that no secondary cosmetic damage is caused to it.

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Here is the fixed portion of custom traction control system's data cable routed into the same area as the OEM OBDII port. When not being used it tucks neatly behind the lower leather trim panel and the primary interface cable that easily plugs into it should then be stored in the mesh bag behind the seat so as to insure that it is not misplaced. This data cable is used to hook up to a laptop to make software tweaks within the custom traction systems primary control module; as one such an example if an alternate diameter tire were too be installed a software adjustment would be required to insure that the custom traction system continues to operate properly.

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Now we will be completing the integration of D/A's custom traction control system within her boot area. During this phase we will be installing the final multi-seal Deutsch connectors, labeling the numerous custom wiring harnesses, and then carefully routing and securing all of the custom wiring harnesses after which we will plug everything together.
Here we have completed the integration processes as associated with D/A's custom traction control system within her boot area. All the of multi-seal Deutsch connectors have been methodically installed, cushion bands placed on the custom wiring harnesses in those areas that zips ties could cause damage to the sheathing, and everything is plugged together making this portion of the custom traction system nearly ready to be brought on line. The only thing that remains is for us to associate the two grounds to the OEM battery grounding point before be bring the system on line.

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Because we still have her heart out being massaged and a couple of her gauges removed we will not be bringing the custom traction control system on line until after she has been brought back to life and all OEM systems are confirmed to be operating as designed. However we do have two final electrical tie-ins to complete within the OEM wiring harness; both of these are located under the throttle body and affect the OEM injectors and OEM coils so we will tend to this item next.

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