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BackWhite Lightning: Phase Eleven

Phase Eleven

While we were tending to this gal she was removed for a few days so she could be exercise at the Ford GT Mojave Mile event; an event that was a great success with the gal traveling through the mile at 205.6 mph. It was during this event that while traveling at 205.6 mph that she also spit the core of her cats out creating another item needing tended to before this season of exercising her unfolds.
Here is what was remaining of her cats once we disassembled her exhaust as we made ready to tend to the situation. Because we did comprehensive data logging during the Mojave Mile event we were able to determine why the cats failed; they melted as the direct result of her running out of fuel as she neared the end of the 205.6 mph run.

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Here we have integrated a new pair of custom Burns Stainless mufflers. These are extremely lightweight and durable mufflers and are also serviceable meaning the internals can be replaced as such we expect that they will weather the test of time. At this time per Burns Stainless we have their most aggressive packing within them.

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Here we are installing the very nice carbon fiber inlet tube as created by Whipple Industries. Since we have seen this piece before we knew what we were in for as such promptly made the modification needed so that the OEM hoses would fit properly and we also added a MAF wiring harness stay to secure the wiring harness so that once installed it would appear and function as if OEM. Because this carbon fiber inlet tube requires 4 stainless steel band clamps we opted to rotate them so that the worm screw securing portion is hidden resulting in a very clean look.

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Here we have installed a pair of custom aluminum supercharger badges as created by a customer of ours. These aluminum badges replace the plastic badges as presented by Whipple Industries and in our opinion look much crisper and make known that these gals were part of Ford's SVT Special Vehicle Team; another wonderful detail item.

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Now we await the paint work too be completed on the custom carbon fiber mirrors and then once received they will be installed making her ready to be exercised as this is the final remaining item as associated with this project.

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