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BackWhite Lightning: Phase Ten

Phase Ten

This gal has received numerous twists and tweaks as she is being made ready for another wonderful season of exercising her. In addition to the personal tweaks we have also tended to a couple mechanical items that will result in her operating at an even more extreme level.
Here are we tending to some minor paint work and freshening up portions of her clear bra.

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Here we are installing a new supercharger pulley and a new supercharger belt. The reason for the supercharger pulley change is to go with a black hard anodized pulley rather than the natural aluminum finish for two reasons; one being because the black ever present belt dust will no longer be visible and even more so because we have found that the natural aluminum finished supercharger pulley is much more prone to squeaking/chirping.

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Here we have installed a pair of Andrew aka Exotic Care's very cool low profile carbon fiber wiper arm assemblies creating a much nicer line of site as viewed from both the driver and passenger seats.

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Here we are installing a pair of Kip aka Ewing Inc. wonderful carbon fiber side air inlet scoops. In this case her owner wanted the lighter weight carbon fiber however only subtle carbon fiber accents as such the exterior of the carbon fiber side air scoops were painted as if OEM leaving the inside of the openings stunning clear coated carbon fiber.

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